The Green Table's Holiday Meals: eating healthy and easy on vacation

Summer vacation is just around the corner and most people are eager to get away from it all. After a period of hard work, it's great to relax and enjoy a well-deserved camping vacation. But how do you make sure you eat healthy and delicious food on vacation, too?

The vacation meal is the solution for a carefree vacation!

On vacation, you don't always feel like cooking or lighting the BBQ again. Nor do you eat out every day. The vacation meal from The Green Table is the perfect solution for a healthy and easy meal on vacation. They are very tasty and easy to prepare.

The benefits of the vacation meal

The special packaging and preparation process ensure that the vacation meal will keep for at least a year without a refrigerator or freezer. Ideal to take with you on vacation or to always have at home. Also, it contains no added preservatives and also no extra salt.

Healthy and delicious: The meals are 100% plant-based and contain at least two-thirds of the daily recommended amount of vegetables, as well as only honest ingredients.

Easy to prepare: The meals are ready in just 4 minutes. Ideal if you don't feel like cooking or have little time.

Choose peace, coziness and convenience with this ready-made meal

This summer, choose tranquility, coziness and convenience. And we provide the latter, bring your vacation meal from The Green Table and you no longer have to puzzle with pans at the campsite. All you have to do is heat up the vacation meal in a microwave, oven or in one pan and you're done!

Why put The Green Table's healthy meals in your pantry?

The Green Table is a sustainable meal maker with a mission to make the most delicious long shelf life healthy restaurant quality meals accessible to everyone and for all times. With recycled packaging materials, long shelf life, minimal waste and preparation with 100% plant-based ingredients, the meals have a low ecological footprint. The Green Table's vacation meals are good for people, animals and the planet.

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