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The delicious and convenient meals from The Green Table are restaurant quality. The ready-to-eat meals are not only convenient to take with you on vacation, they are also tasty and easy for at home. The meals contain at least two-thirds of the daily recommended amount of vegetables, are ready within 4 minutes in the microwave, oven or a pan and can easily be stored for a long time without a refrigerator while retaining flavor.

This is what consumers say about meals from The Green Table

"Delicious taste and surprisingly good."

"So delicious! Tastes home made."

"Never had a ready-made meal eaten that was this good."

91% of consumers who tasted the meals would buy it (again).

Always delicious and healthy food


The meals are restaurant quality and contain tasty amounts of healthy vegetables.

In just 4 minutes on the table


Ready-to-eat, just 4 minutes in a microwave, oven or pan on the stove.

Easy along without refrigeration


Easy to carry and long lasting without refrigeration in the camper, caravan or tent, at work, at home or at the sports club.